Statistics show that travelers owed up to £383m in compensation in 2017

Statistics show that travelers owed up to £383m in compensation in 2017Over 2017 there have been flight delays that are inevitable and it has been said that people have been entitled to claim up to £383 million in the last year alone. This is a huge number and shows how consistently flight delays occur.

Even huge airline, British Airways had 2 system failures within a small period of time which caused thousands of travelers to have their plans ruined. This is not something a passenger wants to experience but unfortunately some of these issues can’t be stopped. It was also revealed that Ryanair and Monarch were 2 of the worst airlines in terms if rating which would be due to the hectic cancelations that have occurred recently.

On a recent study it was also revealed that an estimated 168,000 people have experienced a flight cancelation or delays over 3 hours long which is why so much compensation is being paid out by airlines. It has also been said that travelers who fly on a Wednesday or Thursday tend to be less likely to suffer from delays. It has also been said that it is better to fly later on in the evenings to try to avoid being delayed as that is when people are less likely to be affected.

Flight delays can happen to anybody, so if it does happen to you it is important that you know where you stand and every aspect of your situation is looked into.

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