Jet2 Voted UK Most Punctual Airline

Jet2 Voted UK Most Punctual AirlineAccording to a new global accreditation programme, Jet2 is the UKs most punctual airline.

Over the past 12 months, 130 global airlines were rated and assessed on their punctuality by air travel intelligence company OAG. The airline with the highest number for flights arriving within 15 of scheduled arrival time were awarded a five star rating. With 87.5 per cent of its flights running on time, and being deemed the 10th most punctual overall, the low cost airline Jet2 was the only british airline to achieve this result.

Jet2 beat rivals, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and EasyJet who all scored three. British Airways and EasyJet both operate more flights than Jet2 which could contribute to their lower scores with BA at 78 per cent and EasyJet 75 per cent.

Europes largest airline Ryanair, does not share enough of its flight status data to meet the criteria for the programme so was not on the list. OAG must process flight status data for a minimum of 80 per cent of scheduled flights over 12 months for any airline to be included on the list. has shown to have a robust on-time performance during some of the busiest travelling months of the year, although there are clearly improvements that UK airlines can make to their punctuality performance over the next six months, said John Grant, senior analyst at OAG.

With the aviation industry going through a turbulent time, there is a lot for the UK airports to be proud of in terms of the speed at which they are able to get flights on and off the ground. The key for the next 12 months is consistency, as we will inevitably see the number of flights in and out of the UK increasing.

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