Hurricane Ophelia- What to do

Hurricane Ophelia- What to do As the storm approaches, flights all over the UK and Ireland are being cancelled over the safety of passengers.

Travellers are urged to pay extra attention to warnings, bulletins and any other updates regarding their journey.

If youre worried about your flight, get in touch with the airline directly or speak to someone at the airport using the list below.

Heres a list of the most popular airports and contact details:

Manchester Airport customer services line: 0800 042 0213
Gatwick Airport customer services 0844 892 0322
London Heathrow Airport customer services line: 0844 335 1801
Newcastle Airport customer services line: 0871 882 1121
Birmingham Airport customer services line: 0871 222 0072
Southampton Airport customer services line: 0844 481 7777
Stansted Airport customer services line: 0844 335 1803
London City Airport customer services line: 0207 646 0088
Aberdeen Airport customer services line: 0844 481 6666
Waterford Airport customer services line: 0051 846 600
Glasgow Airport customer services line: 0844 481 555
Edinburgh Airport customer services line: 0844 448 8833
Ireland West Airport customer services line: 094 936 8100

What are my rights if my flight is cancelled or delayed due to bad weather?

Under EU Regulation 261/2004, airlines do not have to pay compensation if the disruption to the flight was caused by severe weather conditions as this is classed as an ‘extraordinary circumstance’ beyond the airlines control.

\"If you were planning to travel overseas this week only to find your flight has been cancelled, its crucial you know your rights and you don’t end up out of pocket,\" explained Hannah Maundrell, editor of .

\"If your flight is cancelled you’re entitled to a refund within 7 days or an alternative flight; if you need to travel to a different airport to take it you should ask the airline to pay.

\"It must be the airline’s fault for you to be entitled to compensation. Extraordinary circumstances, such as snow will not automatically entitle you to claim for inconvenience– but it’s always worth asking.
\"It’s not confirmed that all flights will be affected so the key thing is to check with your airline before you travel to the airport.”

You are entitled to assistance, including:

➢ A full refund of the cost of your ticket
➢ An alternative flight to your final destination at the earliest opportunity
➢ An alternative flight at a later date of your choosing, subject to availability
➢ Food and drink if your wait is over two hours
➢ Hotel accommodation where a stay of one or more nights is necessary
➢ Two phone calls or emails

Airlines must offer assistance until they can get you to your destination, but your right to compensation only applies if the cause of the delay is within the airlines control.

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