Claiming compensation through a company vs doing it yourself

Claiming compensation through a company vs doing it yourselfIf you have ever been on your way to your dream destination ready to enjoy your holiday but unfortunately been faced with a delay or even worse a cancelled flight, you may want to look into compensation. You may be entitled to compensation if the liability lies with the airline you are flying with. There are many discussions on what is the best way for you to claim compensation, whether you do it yourself or go through a 3rd party company and this can leave people confused on what is the better option.

So the first question that is raised is why should I use a 3rd party company? Well here is a list of benefits.

With the experience they have to offer, you can have that peace at mind knowing that your claim is being done correctly and that all the relevant information is sent to the right people.

There is a much higher chance of having a successful claim as they understand how the legal system works so they know how to approach the situation correctly.

So why should you avoid trying to claim alone?

If you don’t have a professional representation then there is always the risk of making errors which could jeopardize your case or even devalue your offer for compensation.

So now you understand why it is important to have representation when making your claim or have any further enquiries contact us on call us on 0333 443 2180or 0203 6349 743and tell us about your experience so we can see if we can help. For further more information and news please email us at

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