Airline apologizes to travelers for delays at Belfast City Airport

Airline apologizes to travelers for delays at Belfast City AirportPassengers were left unhappy as Flybe staff fail to help them after a delay that happened at Belfast City Airport. The delay was due to heavy snow that had covered Belfast making the conditions very dangerous. The passengers said that they were left angry and confused after they were left with no information regarding the delay and that there were no staff around to even help them.

The airline has apologized to the passengers regarding the delay and they have said that the main cause was a de-icing truck that had broken down. In addition to this Flybe have said they are looking into the reports of Flybe staff not being present at the time.

A representative of fly be said the following. “Flybe would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused due to the late departure of the above flight this morning due to the breakdown of one of the de-icing rigs contracted from third party ground handlers at Belfast City Airport: and the airline is investigating the reported absence of staff to communicate the situation to its customers and apologises for any confusion experienced”

One of the passengers, Francoise Barlet, missed her flight to Lyon went on to say that she was lucky that she lives in Belfast and she found the situation unacceptable.

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