Huge uproar with Europes travel network due to ATC failure at Amsterdam Schilpol and strikes in Italy

Huge uproar with Europes travel network due to ATC failure at Amsterdam Schilpol and strikes in ItalyThousands of people travelling in Europe have been left distressed and inconvenienced after an air-traffic control system failed in huge airport in Amsterdam Schipol.There have also been strikes in Italy causing multiple delays for passengers leaving them with their plans ruined.

Eurocontrol tried to warn people about the delays in the Dutch airport saying “Arrivals regulated with a low rate due to an ATC system failure “. Considering their efforts to try preventing this happening to more people a company based in Amsterdam, KLM and its partner Air France, have had to resort to cancelling lots of flights leaving travelers in a difficult situation.

Flybe had to delay flights from Amsterdam to Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton up to 4 hours during lunchtime services. EasyJet also had to cancel a flight from Amsterdam at Schiphol to Gatwick.

In Italy, employees were striking between 1pm and 5pm because workers were unhappy regarding the funding they received. Ryanair, being one of the biggest airlines having more flights to and from Italy than other airlines, had to cancel multiple flights. This has resulted in the Athens Metro being closed all day causing even more of an inconvenience.

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