Air Transat fined $228,000 for tarmac delay

Air Transat fined $228,000 for tarmac delay The airline Air Transat has been fined $228,000 after travelers were made to wait up to six hours without providing the passengers with enough food and water. The incident had occurred in Ottawa last July and there were two different flights that were delayed.

It is believed that Air Transat did not correctly apply their terms and conditions. This was due to the fact that the pilots had not given the passengers the option to leave the aircraft after the delay had been for over 90 minutes. The passengers were unhappy with the way they had been treated and even went as far to say they felt like they were treated like “luggage”.

Some passengers also added that they level of air conditioning weren’t acceptable and there weren’t any working toilets for passengers to use. In total 29 passengers were offered to have a testimony so they can express their feelings towards their experience. The main complaint point seemed to stem from lack of communication from the staff at Air Transat which seemed to cause the frustration for the passengers.

The airline apologized on Thursday to all of the passengers that were affected by the delays and issued them $500 compensation each. They also added that going forward they would be taking all the necessary measures to ensure that they are complying with the agency’s directives and making sure that staff at Air Transat are properly trained to avoid the situation going forward.

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